Heart Shaped Petals is a labor of love which took its first steps in January 2012, born of my passion for fashion and art and inspired by my wedding.

As a child I would make clothes for my dolls and during my teens I began modifying and personalizing my own. 
I studied fashion design which helped me refine my sense of aesthetics and learn the necessary techniques to put my ideas into practice. I'm inspired by nature, by my husband and daughters, by life and by every special person and moment we encounter on its path.

When I was planning my wedding I wanted a different and original bouquet that would last forever as a reminder of my wedding day.

Heart Shaped Petals bouquets reflect the taste and personality of each bride. Your bouquet is adapted to your preferences and budget. Made from quality materials, a different and original bouquet that will stay with you forever.

Here you can find many other complementary items for your wedding: hair accessoriescake toppersring bearersgartersfavors and others.

Every item is handmade according to your preferences, from the size of the item, to the colors, embellishments and types of fabric. All items are handmade and made to order with care & attention to the smallest detail.

Andreia Carvalho