S.'s wedding day is close by, in the beginning of September, and I specially enjoyed making her bouquet.

S. wanted to include lilacs, flowers which I love and remind me of my childhood. On the day she was born, her father decorated her room with lilacs. Unfortunately her father is no longer with us and S. wanted to do him homage on such a special day. In a subtle way, the lilacs will be present and so will the memory of her dear father. 

S. will wear a beautiful and delicate dress in chiffon with a small rhinestone applique. Her shoes will be in salmon. 

The delicateness of chiffon is present in some of the flowers of this bouquet as are the colors pink, white,  salmon and lilac of the flowers embellished with rhinestones and pearls that will look perfect with her dress, shoes and remaining accessories. 

bridal bouquet fabric

wedding bouquet lilacs

wedding fabric bouquet

Bridal bouquet lilacs

bouquet with rhinestones and pearls

fabric flower bouquet pearls rhinestones